De Introns is an all-girl punkband from Groningen, The Netherlands. Our music sounds like Sleater Kinney run intoThe Slits. We’re DIY, and our music is about our experiences within this fucked up political and social system.

Our music is a way to communicate and press for change in personal lives  and societies structures. It’s about us and about you, about the screaming neighbour you pity, about the kids that will inherit this damaged planet, the girls that are blamed for walking around, the refugees/migrants stuck and abandoned, the one love that got away, the parasites, the people running in the streets for their lives, about the one that abused you,  broke you, it’s about the bad choices you made and the depressions that took your friend away,…

We won’t hold back. The Personal is Political!  The Political is Personal! Music is Personal, Political and SCREAMS!

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Band members

Esmeralda: vocals
Jannek: guitar and vocals
Maaike: bass
Esther: drums and vocals